Why use a company report?
In uncertain financial times such as these, it’s more important than ever to research potential partners, suppliers or clients with whom you’re considering doing business.  Running company credit checks is key to any decision making process; you want to ensure that companies have the financial stability to make good on their contractual obligations to you.

Plus, getting clued up on your competitors is invaluable to getting ahead and increasing your market share.


What company information do I get with the Comprehensive 5 year report?
The Comprehensive 5 year report provides you with the most thorough set of data available on any private (Ltd) and public limited companies (PLC) and is key to gaining an overview of a company and its stability.

You can discover how long a business has been trading, who owns it and more detailed knowledge of their group organization, mortgage outline, accounts, business history, CCJs and credit history - all significant to your business decisions.

The specific information includes:

  • Shareholder information
  • 5 years accounts
  • Group organization
  • Mortgage outline
  • Directors
(name, address, personal details, appointments)
  • Shareholders
(names, share currency)
  • Ownership
(group organization, holding company)
  • Company officers
(executive and non-executive directors, company secretary)
  • Accounts
(date of accounts, consolidated, subsidiaries, period covered, currency, audit comment)
  • Statutory figures
(name, reg no, incorporation date, registered office, latest filed accounts, issued capital, company status, type of accounts)
  • Directory data
(trading address, telephone no, auditors, bankers, principle activities, SIC codes)
  • Mortgage outline
(amount secured, status, satisfied, persons entitled)
  • Balance sheet
(working capital, shareholders’ finances, total assets, total liabilities)
  • Profit and loss
(number of employees, turnover, pre-tax profit, taxation).
  • Please note, it is only a legal requirement to supply Profit and Loss information for companies whose turnover is in excess of £5.8million. Companies with lower turnover may only have submitted Abbreviated Accounts, which will not show this information.
  • Risk information
(credit risk score and limit)


How are the reports themselves laid out?
To see an example of a Comprehensive 5 year Report click here.


What do I do if I can’t find the company I’m looking for?
If you’ve searched for a company using the orange quick search bar and still haven’t found the company you’re looking for, simply fill in the fields in the advanced search option that appears and this should refine your search to locate the company.